10 ways to stop your Snaccidents

You’ve done it again, you’ve looked down and all the chocolate is gone! Who ate that?  You ask… Then with a feeling of total dismay, you realise the grim truth, that it was all you.

Don’t fret, it happens to us all and while the occasional snaccident may not be a reason to call the nutrition police, the constant yet unpredictable nature of a snaccident, can play havoc with our health and wellbeing.

So here are 10 ideas to stop your snaccidents from happening so frequently.

1. The Breakfast Cookie

You don’t eat breakfast but then find yourself in the biscuit tin all morning, yes you are experiencing a snaccident. To curb this breakfast cookie craving, we suggest simply replacing that naughty choccie one with a breakfast cookie. Weet-Bix Go is a great nutritional breakfast biscuit for all those who are on the go. Muesli bars are also a great replacement, a couple of bliss balls, or make your own.

2. Snaccident Savings

Feed a different piggy – every time you find yourself reaching for a snack, STOP!  Instead, put a dollar in your piggy.  Buy yourself a wellbeing gift like a spa treatment with all your amazing snack savings.

3. Brush your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is a simple but effective way to stop you falling into a snaccident.  Once your teeth are minty clean the last thing you will want to do is have that snack.

4. Decide and Divide

Predetermining the type of snack you have access to throughout the day, can be a really useful way to control what your snaccidents look like. Going for healthier options such as dried fruit and nuts, bliss balls, cut veggies, cut up fruit, dark chocolate squares, crackers and light cream cheese. Once you have decided upon what kind of snacks you are going to have, divide them into the right sized portions that will stop you going overboard.  And if you don’t have time there are plenty of companies that do the hard graft of great snacks for you like Good Grazing – that have awesome little snacks for people on the go. – https://goodgrazing.co.nz

5. Plan and Conquer

This little trick can go hand in hand with Decide and Divide.

Plan your snacks just as you would your meals – instead of banishing the snacks altogether, allow the snack to have its own little time slot in your diary.  Being more mindful about your snack time will make you more aware of your diet and will result in less room for sneaky snaccidents.

6. A little Water Goes a Long Way

Sometimes when we go to snack, we are actually thirsty, as opposed to hungry and some simple retraining of the brain can help with that.  Every time you feel the urge to snack sip water. If water isn’t your cup of tea, swap it for a fruit or herbal tea or a sparkling water.

7. Get More for Less

Choose snacks rich in good fats such as Avocado on toast or sliced apples with nut butter or celery sticks and cream cheese or mixed nuts, yoghurt with berries, bananas. Snacking on more of these types of snacks will reduce the frequency of your snacks.

8. Get Rich Quick

If you find yourself snacking most often after your meals, it may be time to look at what your meals contain.  Introducing more food rich in protein into your diet will keep you full for longer. Such as fish -particularly salmon and tuna, eggs, chicken, milk, broccoli, almonds, lean beef, oats, nut butter, Brussel Sprouts, pumpkin seeds, greek yoghurt etc.

9. Swap your Snack for your Smartphone

You use your smartphone for practically everything and it turns out that a little browsing can make you less likely to reach for a snack.  So, keep yourself busy and your fingers active swiping not snacking.

10. Rest and Digest

It’s important to allow your meals the time to digest and snacking constantly can play havoc with this. Make time to wind down after meals, go for a walk, do some yoga, listen to soothing music or read a book. The distraction and the calm feeling you get from these restful acts will both distract you and give your body time to digest properly. Going to bed early and getting more sleep can also curb those late night snaccidents.

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