Detox Your Body in Six Steps

What is detoxing?
Detoxification is cleaning out unwanted toxins that are detrimental to your health. It supports and improves the performance of your detox organs – the liver, kidneys and bowel. It can boost energy levels, improve digestion and help to shift unwanted kilos.

How do I detox?
Consider these six steps to detox effectively.

1. Diet
Eat organic, raw foods – fruit and vegetables, fish, chicken, lean red meat, eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds.
Chew each mouthful of food 10 to 12 times before swallowing to help with digestion.
Eliminate alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, cigarettes and processed foods.

2. Supplement
Choose supplements to help detoxify, such as a liver detox or kidney cleanse.
Take a probiotic to keep your digestive tract free of toxins.

3. Exercise
Exercise for 20 to 30 minutes a day.
Do a mixture of high intensity interval training (HIIT) like sprints with breaks, and low intensity steady state (LISS) like walking on the treadmill.

4. Drink
Drink two to three litres of water a day to deliver unwanted toxins and waste away.
Try green tea or add a squeeze of lemon to your water to help cleanse the system.

5. Get enough sleep
Get enough sleep to restore and rejuvenate, grow muscle, repair tissue and synthesize hormones.
Aim to have 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

6. Remove stress
Stress hormones such as cortisol are detrimental to your body’s ability to detoxify.
Find ways to eliminate stress like dancing, taking a bath, playing music, or setting aside time for yourself.

Source: Health 2000

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